Il Circo Colorato book

Circus curtain left
Circus curtain right
Circus curtain front left
Circus curtain front right
22 August 2015
Thank you for visiting the site. More new items to be uploaded after the summer holidays. Check back often for latest arrivals!
30 June 2015
For sale: Embell Riva - 6 sheet poster (clown motif, 420cmx200cm). Please contact me if interested.
18 June 2015
New posters added to country: Italy, Poland, Canada. All the latest posters are marked with "NEW".
23 May 2015
Two new posters added: Circus Hellas (Germany) and Circus Apollo (Hungary).
16 May 2015
New tickets added (see "NEW"). New posters added to country: Germany.
14 May 2015
New posters added to country: Italy. All the latest posters / items are marked with "NEW".
09 May 2015
Circus Collectibles is looking to exchange links with other circus websites (not Facebook pages). If you have a website and would like to participate in link exchange, please let me know.
05 May 2015
After almost 2 years of hard work, sleepless nights and dedication, the time has finally come. Circus Collectibles is born! On this news page I will be posting updates about new uploads and any other collection related topic. There are still plenty of posters and other items to be uploaded so please check back often for latest news. Thank you for visiting!
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