Circus curtain left
Circus curtain right
Circus curtain front left
Circus curtain front right
Circus : Sarrasani
Country : Germany
Size : 32.5cmx61cm ( 13"x24" )
Format : Small
Artist : Marcello Colizzi
Year : 1968
Tour Country : Netherlands
Tour City : Haarlem
Description : Italian locandina - German circus - Dutch tour: Originally printed for Sarrasani’s Italian tour of 1967, this locandina was used a year later in 1968 for the circus’ tour in Netherlands, city of Haarlem. Marcello Colizzi painted the motif upon request of Egidio Palmiri, who organized the brief Sarrasani Italian tour. Thereafter, the circus kept the poster theme in Germany, turning it into its iconic trademark. The poster was originally trimmed about 8cm from the bottom to fit the Dutch date tag.
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