Circus curtain left
Circus curtain right
Circus curtain front left
Circus curtain front right
Circus : Ferdinando Togni
Country : Italy
Size : 33cmx70cm ( 13"x28" )
Format : Small
Artist : Osvaldo Brusati
Year : 1957
Tour Country : Germany
Description : Die 3 Togni - Bruno, Enis, Willy. Ferdinando Togni created one of the Europe's most remarkable circus companies of the post WWII era with his children Adriana, Bruno (1931-1988), Willy (1929-2007) and Enis (1933-2016). In 1954, they launched the Circo Ferdinando Togni, which quickly acquired a great reputation for its equestrian presentations and its cage acts with Bruno's lions and Enis' tigers. The circus grew in size and toured in Austria and Germany in 1957.
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