Circus curtain left
Circus curtain right
Circus curtain front left
Circus curtain front right
Title : Adria Ide Dalje
Type : Book
Country : Serbia
Author : Ostoja Djuric
Publisher : Adria A. D. Beograd
Year : 1999
Printer : Cigoja stampa
Pages : 252
Description : Adrija Ide Dalje or Adria Continues by Ostoja Djuric (German translation: Adria Geht Weiter). The book was released in 1999 and published in only 500 copies. With many photos and anecdotes, this book covers the history of the international Serbian circus Adria, its rise and fall, and also talks about Adria Co. and its influence on bringing some of the most famous international circuses to the country as well as ex-Yugoslav territories.
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